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hybrid striped bass

They’ll Fight the Same in Your Pond as They Do at the Lake!


five stars

I’m glad that there is someone else that cares about the health of our pond and fish as much as we do.

Charity, OKC, Oklahoma
five stars

It makes all the difference when they don’t just sell you a bag of fish at the feed store. Don’t waste your time going anywhere else.

Ray L., Norman, Oklahoma
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Good Quality, Great Customer Service

Justin S. Meeker, Oklahoma


Hybrid Striped Bass

  • Hardest hitting sport fish
  • Free Delivery in Oklahoma
  • Difficult to find
  • Tolerate lower oxygen than Striper
  • Stock like catfish (100-200 per acre)
  • Super fast growth
  • Easy to manage
  • Colossal fighters
  • Fantastic food fish
  • Tremendous biological pest control
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Pure Strain Striped Bass

  • Stocked Fall and Spring
  • Extremely Difficult to Find
  • Largest Growing Sport Fish Available
  • Pond Tolerant - Domesticated Bloodline
  • Cold Tolerant
  • Tolerates Summer Water Temps (up to high 80s)
  • Longest Lifespan of Any Sportfish
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Hybrid Striped Bass Fingerlings: $3.99 per each

Pure Strain Striped Bass Fingerlings: $7.99 per each

1000 Fingerlings: 10% Discount

2500 Fingerlings: 15% Discount

5000+ Fingerlings: 25% Discount


Free delivery sets Newalla Fish Company apart. We provide free delivery in Oklahoma for all orders of 100 hybrid striped bass or more.

We don’t expect our customers to be fish transport experts, so there’s no need to carry buckets and bags to meet us. Even better, we don’t charge by the mile like the typical fish farm.

We’ll work with you to schedule a convenient time to deliver your order right to your pond or lake free of charge with guaranteed live delivery.

Please email us to request more information!


Packages make it easy for private pond or lake owners to equip their recreational fishery like a pro. Find a package that suits you below, then contact us to set up your order. 

Split Delivery: Depending on your location, we normally ship feed plans and aeration systems immediately, then set up a time convenient for you to stock your hybrid striped bass. 

Prefer to hire us?  – Contact us to discuss installation.

Other Questions? See our FAQs below or contact us direct.

Newalla Fish Company Sells Cargill's Triton Fish Feed

population control package

Population Control Package

  • $399.99 Package
  • (100) 3-5" Fingerlings

Recommended for ponds and lakes with stunted largemouth or out-of-control panfish populations (where fish are failing to grow). Hybrid striped bass won’t reproduce in small lakes and ponds, so they don’t contribute to over-population problems. As they grow, hybrids feed on small fish and eventually help reduce competition, allowing bigger fish of all species to develop. Their small mouth size limit their diet to smaller fish, reserving medium fish for larger-mouthed predators like largemouth bass and catfish. Add multiple packages for larger ponds or lakes. 

*Annual Feed plan recommended for the first two years with this plan

*Only Available in Oklahoma

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sportfish starter package

Sportfish Starter Package

  • $645.99 Package
  • (150) 3-5" Fingerlings

For new or established ponds or lakes. Stock and feed your hybrid striped bass to grow a pond full of big hard hitting sportfish. 

Recommended for 1-2 acre ponds with average depth of 9’ or greater with healthy panfish populations. In smaller ponds (less than an acre or less than 9’average depth), contact us to discuss more conservative options. 

In new and established ponds with low-populations: a performance feed plan is recommended with this package to ensure adequate growth. 

*Only Available in Oklahoma. 

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performance starter package

Performance Pond Package

  • $3,745.99 Package
  • (150) 3-5" Fingerlings 

Stock hybrid striped bass and the key ingredients for success. 

Set up your pond or lake aeration, stock fingerlings, and begin growing large hybrid striped bass with one package. Suitable for an array of pond owners, including recreational fishing, pond-based aquaculture, DIY food-fish projects, and supplemental stocking programs. Stock your fish as a supplement to an existing pond or as a primary species. The high protein performance feed plan delivers the level of protein and nutrients needed by hybrid striped bass and other predatory fish.

*Water Clarification Option – Add $495 per acre annually 

*2 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty Included w/ ProLake 1.1+

*No-fish option available for out of state shipment - Contact us for info 

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Professional pond and lake package

Professional Pond & Lake Package

  • $7,245.99 Package
  • (550) 3-5" Fingerlings
  • ProLake 1.4+ Aeration System
  • 2x Starter Feed & 2 Performance Feed Plans

This Performance Package supports the requirements of large ponds and small lakes (up to 4 acres).

A favorite of large pond owners, Homeowner’s Associations, Municipal Park Ponds, Outfitters, Resorts, and comparable groups. Maximize the growth, energy and survivability of your investment. 

Stock adequate numbers for your guests to enjoy a good chance of hooking numerous hard fighting fish. High protein performance feed ensures hybrid stripers receive plenty of nutrients to pack a load of energy on the end of a line. The Prolake 1.4+ aeration system maximizes live-able space in your pond or lake with four diffusers, increasing the chances of catching a fish anywhere in the water.

*2 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty Included w/ ProLake 1.4+

*No-fish option available for out of state shipment - Contact us for info 

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Quality: “We bring Oklahoma private pond and lake owners the quality products they couldn’t otherwise reach. …Not only the best equipment, but also the hardest hitting, most exciting sportfish available.”

Owner, Brent Kernes

Why Cargill?

Newalla Fish Company proudly serves as Oklahoma’s only source of the highest quality performance fish feed available on the market.

We serve private pond and lake owners throughout the state and bulk ship throughout the country. For bulk orders of 10 bags or more, we’ll direct ship anywhere in the U.S.

Cargill has more than 120 years experience in animal nutrition and EWOS has more than 80 years experience in the aquaculture industry. We chose Cargill aqua culture feed products because they deliver products that support the overall health of the fish and provide superior biological performance metrics. 

cargill feed aquaculture
Cargill’s passion is your success. We are committed to helping you develop innovative solutions to fit your growth goals. We grow our business through efficient operations and superior service built on over 140 years of experience in understanding and meeting customer needs.
Cargill Animal Nutrition

Why High Protein?

Protein equates to growth and strength (energy). In a quality sport fish pond, both are important. Local feeds stores offer low quality catfish & pond fish food, neither will grow sportfish well. Some fish farms offer minnows as a sustained food source, they dissipate quickly and require nearly continuous restocking. So, why waste your money? Control your feeding program as needed to maximize growth and limit waste.

Our customers prefer performance feed to grow big aggressive fish in ponds and lakes. Because sport fish require an abundance of live food fish and/or at least 40% protein feed for success, 45% protein ensures your pond or lake will have the biggest, strongest fish possible. Our hybrid striped bass fingerlings and your existing stock will flourish on Cargill’s Triton performance feed.

performance feed plan

Performance Feed Plan

$549.95 (plus shipping)

Includes (10) 50lb Bags 3/16” Cargill Triton 4512 Performance floating feed. Designed to provide 1-2 acres of predatory pond fish up to 1 year of supplemental feed; ration dependent. Feed plans are delivered on ten bag pallets.

*Nationwide Shipping available. ($60 liftgate fee applies for deliveries without unload capability.)

*Seasonal price fluctuation may occur. Watch this site for changes.

Save on shipping with multiple plans per pallet of up to 40 bags per pallet.

1/8" - 50lb Triton 4512 - $74.99

cargill aquaexcel starter feedContact Us

3/16" - 50lb Triton 4512 - $54.95

cargill triton 4512 performanceContact Us

ProLake Pond and Lake Aeration Systems

prolake aeration

Hybrid Striped Bass survive in temperatures ranging from 39 to 91 degrees Fahrenheit and require dissolved oxygen measuring 6-12mg/l. In other words, they will survive in a wide range of habitats in the southern and eastern United States. However, fish may be more successful when aeration is applied. Pond and Lake aeration broadens the available habitat for your hybrid striped bass. Newalla Fish Company installs ProLake aeration systems in support of your private sport fish program.

Luckily, degraded ponds and lakes can easily be enhanced with the addition of lake bed aeration systems from ProLake. Lake bed aeration acts to increase dissolved oxygen levels, while eliminating water stratification. Aerobic microbes can then re-colonize deeper water where they rapidly begin to digest accumulated organic sludge and improve water quality.

Newalla Fish Company, LLC encourages customers to consider aeration systems to support their hybrid striped bass stocking program.

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prolake diffused aeration circulation

Diffused Aeration Circulation

ProLake™ Duraplate™ diffusers create a laminar current that moves, stirs and pushes air through the water column at 1,000-2,500 gallons of water per minute (depending on the application).

The process is simple, but incredibly effective in creating proper oxygenation for your body of water:

1. Air is blown through the Duraplate™ diffuser from the compressor.
2. Water is heavily oxygenated as air from the diffuser rises through the water column.
3. A laminar/continuous current is created.

how prolake aeration works

How ProLake Aeration Works

We've worked hard to make ProLake products the best in the industry when it comes to water quality management. Degraded or Eutrophic ponds and lakes can be characterized by low levels of dissolved oxygen and highly stratified water (where warm, oxygen-rich water is suspended above cool, oxygen-depleted bottom water).

As anaerobic (devoid of oxygen) conditions begin to develop in the deeper water, naturally occurring aerobic microbes can no longer perform beneficial tasks, such as waste digestion or water purification.

With time, water quality greatly decreases, leading to unsightly blooms of algae, the accumulation of organic sludge and the buildup of gases such as hydrogen sulfide. Low oxygen levels can also lead to fish kills. ProLake aeration combats low oxygen environments and stratification efficiently and effectively keeping ponds and lakes healthy and safe.

electric aeration

Electric Aeration

Lake Bed Aeration can be defined as the introduction of compressed air into the bottom of a pond or lake using a self-cleaning, non-clogging Duraplate™ diffuser. When compressed air is released at the bottom it will naturally begin to migrate towards the surface of the water. As it travels up the water column the pressure surrounding the bubbles slowly decreases causing the bubbles to expand in size. Due to the fact that larger bubbles displace more water than smaller bubbles a slight current begins to develop. This current draws oxygen depleted water from the bottom, oxygenates it and transports it to the surface. This action mixes stratified water while increasing dissolved oxygen levels and protecting fish, aquatic organisms and beneficial microbes from suffocation.

solar aeration

Solar Aeration

No electricity? No problem! Keeton Industries is the World leader in solar aeration systems—there are no competing systems that equal Solaer® systems. So what makes Keeton better?

Keeton patented battery backup systems are the ONLY solar aeration system that can operate day and night for as long as 20 hours.

Solar aeration is perfect for any pond or lake that does not have electricity at the shoreline. Solaer® systems run off of batteries, so you don’t need electricity.

If you have a pond or lake that is remotely located, you can still have a quality aeration system that keeps your pond clean and clear all year round. Most importantly, solar is a completely “green” and eco-friendly option, requires very little maintenance, and runs day and night—even on cloudy days!

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